Antares is much lighter than other catamarans of its size. The interior of the Antares 44 is hand built using light weight Tricel Honeycomb panels.

Because so many other catamarans are built for charter, they typically use wood accents inserted into heavy fiberglass molds, adding weight to the catamaran at the cost of performance. However, as with all true luxury yachts, the Antares’ interior is hand-crafted using high-tech, lightweight panels sandwiched between cherry veneer.

By using Tricel Honeycomb panels, we can also shape and form all the woodwork, essentially removing all sharp and potentially dangerous angles onboard.

Antares 44 Catamaran Salon interior

The combination of the materials, the finished shapes and the joinery all contribute to the structural integrity of the wood modules that comprise a large part of what has become a signature characteristic of the Antares.

Unlike other mass-production catamarans, the Antares’ wood components are not screwed or glued into fiberglass rebates. Instead, the wood modules are glassed-in and contribute to the strength and rigidity of the overall structure.

The result is a wood-finished interior that is not only luxurious, but is also durable and won’t torque, squeak or rub when underway.

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