The most important design element of a live aboard yacht is the helm. It should always protect you from the weather. Exposed helms can be fun on a vacation, but can undermine your long-term cruising experience. Most catamarans are built for vacations in protected waters. The Antares 44 sailing catamaran is designed with the entire world in mind. The Antares 44 is the first production catamaran built with a glass windshield and wipers and comes standard with a full removable enclosure designed into the hardtop.

Designer Ted Clements writes:

“I think it can move. There are 32 boats doing the leg from Galapagos to Marquesas. We are a bit over half way done. Two Fish is behind a custom 54 foot monohull and a 47 foot Beneteau. We are in front of all the catamarans (St Francis, Leopard, Lagoon, Fontaine Pajot, etc). We are in front of 3 Oysters, all over 60 feet.”  – Jason S aboard Antares s/v Two Fish

Luxury is About Staying Warm and Dry When its Cold and Wet Outside

From day one, the Antares was designed to accommodate a permanent hardtop and bimini with a removable canvas enclosure. The enclosure creates a large, separate living area for cold weather conditions, and provides a protected helm position.

The elegant design of the Antares’ enclosure coordinates the hardtop to the deck and allows for ease of movement. The smart line management allows all lines to be lead aft to the electric winches in the cockpit, virtually elimination the need to go forward in bad weather.

Take a close look at our competitors and you’ll notice that if there is an enclosure, its either incomplete or is clearly an afterthought that results in an unattractive contraption.