We don’t use unprotected spade rudders to cut costs. Our fully skegged rudders are far more robust and are critical on a circumnavigation class yacht.

In real world cruising there are crab traps, fishing lines, logs and rocky seabeds, this means that the rudder needs to be protected. At Antares, we’ve done just that.

The engineered rudders on the Antares catamaran are custom built. The two sides of the rudder are constructed from fiberglass with a core center. This core center significantly reduces the weight of the rudders.

Antares Catamaran Skegged Rudder
Skegged Rudder Assembly

The skegs make the rudder stocks resistant to bending and allow us to use a lighter stainless steel stock without any sacrifice to strength. In the absence of a skeg, the stock material would have to be stronger and therefore heavier, but would remain vulnerable to bending.

Not only does this construction method allow Antares to keep weight off the catamaran, its primary function is to protect the rudder. The skeg will take the impact, leaving the rudder undamaged. And when you’re cruising in the open ocean, an emergency tiller is useless if you don’t have a rudder.