Antares Yachts’ head of design, Ted Clements, firmly believes that your boat should protect you.

If the design is successful, you can move between any standing places on board without ever having to negotiate an obstacle course or take any undue risks. Using this philosophy, everything from steering to rigging was designed to protect you. We don’t offer a choice between charter and owner’s version, to do so would undermine the offshore integrity of the hull design. The enclosed cockpit is designed to protect you from the weather, and not just for cocktail parties.

The design of the Antares 44 was conceived with these basic principles in mind – with function never being compromised for fashion.

Interior Construction & Mast Height

The luxurious hand finished interior is designed for beauty and comfort, and the high-tech Tricel honeycomb panels allow us to shape the interior with rounded edges, eliminating potentially dangerous sharp edges aboard. The light-weight construction also means we don’t compromise performance and we don’t have to overcompensate with the size of the rigging.

A smaller rig can be easily managed by a cruising couple, at all times. It also means that with a 62’ mast height, you can clear the majority of bridges along the Intracoastal Waterway and can continue to cruise in protected waters along the East Coast of the United States in increment weather.

30-inch Bridgedeck Clearance

Any less makes blue water cruising uncomfortable.

Sail Management

By working closely with the premier mast manufacturer, Antares and Seldén Mast engineered rigging with double diamond arrangement and forward jumper to withstand loads well above typical expectations.

The Antares 44 comes standard with the Antares exclusive MainTamer for easy handling. The optional self-tacking jib and a flat deckhouse to access your sails and rigging enhances the manageability of the sails – even for a short-handed crew.

The smart line management allows all lines to be lead aft to the cockpit, virtually eliminating the need to go forward in bad weather. And if you do have to go forward, the 30” lifelines – not the minimal 24” found on most other cats – the stainless steel pulpits and the sturdy flush mounted trampoline all act to prevent you from going overboard.

An electric in-mast furling system with a vertically battened mainsail is also available.

Watertight Compartments

A boat builder should always put safety ahead of fashion and accommodation. With that in mind, we have left the 2 forward lockers – typically assigned for extra beds on charter catamarans – empty.  These watertight compartments, along with the transom lockers, provide safety at sea by protecting you in case of a collision.

Even the fixed keels, which are an integral part of the hull, have a barrier between the hull and hollow keel to prevent any structural damage in case of impact.