Defining Luxury

By definition, luxury simply means a state of great comfort. Aboard the Antares Catamaran, it means being warm and dry when it’s wet and cold outside. Luxury is having a full-enclosure and a glass windshield with wipers. Luxury means easy line management from the cockpit, and effortless movement between the galley, the saloon and cockpit. The Antares does not lack luxury.

It also means that there is great attention to detail – and we’ve thought of everything the cruising lifestyle demands. From simplifying rain-water management to providing clearly-labeled systems for thru-hulls and shut-offs, building the world’s best liveaboard is defined by the details.

Rain Water Collection

The extended hardtop is also a rain collector. It is designed to collect rainwater which can be sent to the tanks or to the sea. The destination of the collected water is chosen by valves located in a convenient location inside each of the aft cabins.

The total area of the hardtop bimini is close to 225 sq ft and the built-in trough can catch more than 3 gallons per minute. A 15 minute rain squall supplies approximately 45 gallons, almost the same amount as running the watermaker for an hour!

HyperVent Vapor Barrier

While not necessarily glamorous, HyperVent is a simple, lightweight spun polymer product that keeps the air moving below your mattress. The 3/4″ thick layer does not compress and allows an open layer of air to circulate between the mattress and the bed frame. This keeps everything dry and prevents mold and mildew from growing.

You’ll never know you’re sleeping on it, but it is sure to extend the life of your mattress.

Laundry Hamper

While we don’t necessarily want to air out our dirty laundry, we thought we’d point out the convenient built-in laundry hamper aboard the Antares Catamaran. For anyone living aboard for any extended time, laundry management becomes a necessity. The vented cupboard and removable mesh bag make this chore a bit more organized.

Shut-off Valves

We’ve place an isolating valve on each fresh water source aboard our catamarans. This safeguards your fresh water supply in case there is a failure at one of the outlets. Since the fresh water aboard is pressurized by a pump, turning the pump off will cut off the water to the entire boat. That’s fine when you are servicing your system, but not ideal when you are sailing and living aboard.

That’s why we’ve placed isolation valves on each water outlet including all the taps, showers (including the cockpit shower), heads, water heaters, fresh water flush for the watermaker, washing machine, etc.  With these clearly labeled valves, you can continue to use the pressurized water from your tanks and bypass any problem areas such as a solenoid failure on one of the toilets.

Enclosure Storage

The attractive cockpit enclosure on the Antares Catamaran creates a large, separate living area for cold weather conditions, and provides a protected helm position. In warm weather it is likely that you’ll want to stow the enclosure somewhere out of the way. We’ve thought of that, too.

The enclosure can easily be detached, neatly rolled and placed in a compartment that is both out of the way and easily accessible. The location in the forward guest cabin is ideal – no space is ever wasted.

Saloon Table

The spacious table in the saloon not only slides in and out to allow for easy seating all around, but it also has two folding corners that can expand the entertaining area to fit a larger group. When not in use, the built-in ledges fold up and are an ideal location to place cell phones, pens and other handy items you want easy access to while underway.

The height of the table can also be lowered to make it into a coffee table or a place to put up your feet while watching a movie.

Furling Mosquito Screen

The companionway door comes standard with a furling mosquito screen. The tightly woven screen doesn’t affect your visibility but keeps bugs out – including tiny, biting sandflies – and lets air in. When not in use, the screen furls in a casement at the side of the door – completely out of view.

We have to warn you though, the screen is so effective that owners have completely forgotten it was there and bounced off of it! Solution? A piece of tape or a thread to remind you the screen is in use!

Galley Waste Bin

Even the waste bin in the galley is custom made. The lid is cut into the solid surface and is well-suited for any high-end kitchen. The fiberglass bin fits securely on a shelf in a cupboard below the counter and is conveniently located for tossing kitchen cuttings and rubbish into the sizable container.