Now that the deck and hull are joined, the final pieces are added to complete the external structure of the Antares – the transom steps. The transom steps are separate molds from the deck molding. This makes it easier to handle the deck molding and gives us access to the steering gear.

The transom steps are carefully positioned onto the stern, measured, leveled and trimmed to ensure a proper fit. The overhanging flange, similar to the joint between the hull and deck, gives us the surface area to allows us to create an even stronger bond to the hull.

Once leveled, the transom steps are glassed into place from both the inside and outside. Where the transom step meets the deck molding, additional fiberglass is used to further strengthen the rudder assembly.

To make a seamless joint on the outside, the gelcoat is first ground down at the joints. A mixture of mill fiberglass (very finely ground fiberglass) is mixed with resin to make a superior bond. Two layers of fiberglass cloth are applied and a layer of gelcoat seals the porous surface. This is then sanded down once again and a final layer of gelcoat is sprayed on to create a seamless seal.