Once the major bulkheads are glassed into place, we glass in the secondary bulkheads. These are area-specific structures such as aft cabins and head modules. These modules are made of several surfaces combined together into one unit and give the overall structure added strength.

Building modules gives us greater control and efficiency over the construction process and consistency in the finished product. By having the modules completed ahead of time we can also minimize the number of people working in the boat at one time leaving less room for error.

This same principle extends to building wood units such as the salon settee. As with the fiber
glass modules, there is greater control of the finished product when constructed on a workbench rather than on the boat.

The materials and methods used require special skills. Using unconventional materials like Tricel – a durable and lightweight honeycomb board sandwiched between 2 layers of veneer – we have perfected distinctive methods working with new materials.

The combination of the materials, the finished shapes and the joinery all contribute to the structural integrity of the modules. Highly engineered and detailed plans guide the construction process to the smallest detail.