The two sides of the custom built rudders are constructed from fiberglass with a core center. This core center significantly reduces the weight of the rudder. The two sides are bonded to extended stainless steel arms that are welded to the rudder stock. The steel is made of316L stainless that’s highly resistant to corrosion.

The skeg, the tubular casing for the stock, and the rudder are assembled as one unit, adding strength to the overall construction.

The module is held in place at three different areas: at the hull, midway up on a glassed-in shelf, and at the transom step connecting the deck molding. Directional glass running the full length of the skeg also adds strength to the assembly.

Three low-friction UHMW (ultra-high molecular weight) plastic bearings support the stainless stock. This non-friction plastic allows ease of movement within the assembly. The bearings are located at the tiller arm, at the hull, and at the lower rudder and skeg connection.

The skeg makes the rudder stock resistant to bending and allows us to use a lighter stainless steel stock without any sacrifice to strength. In the absence of a skeg, the stock material would have to be stronger and therefore heavier.