Once the majority of the mechanical and electrical systems are in place, the interior details that unify the Antares are installed. The upholstery, vinyl work, and the more than 65 hand-crafted cupboards and drawers are installed.

The vinyl head liner goes in as a finish surface covering up all the wiring and fiberglass. It also acts as a sound insulator. The melded fabric covers any exposed fiberglass, such as on the inside of the cupboards. One the liner is in, the windows are installed. The windows and the deck molding are sanded to give the adhesive a surface to bond to.

To allow for thermal expansion, temporary spacers are used to make sure the sealant bead is at a specified height so the windows can adjust to the minor shifting that will occur. The windows are held in place with lead-shot bags until the adhesive sets. An eyebrow ledge is then installed in place and acts to deflect the sun.

To prevent scratches and dents, the wood cabinet units are some of the last components to go on the boat. The wood modules are glassed in and contribute to the stiffness of the whole structure. From aft to fore, the Antares is furnished with durable cherry-veneer furniture, which adds warmth and richness to the boats atmosphere.