Once the 3 separate components are cored and glassed, the outside hull molds are aligned with the inner hull and bridgedeck mold section. All are clamped securely down their length. The structure is first taped and sealed together with gel-coat. Eight layers of biaxial fiberglass are applied to the seam to create a strong, homogeneous hull structure.

The complete hull is now removed from its mold. The hull structure is then sanded and components are ready to be installed.

Of the 36 pieces required to build the Antares, the hull and deck are the largest. Many small pieces were created to adhere to the “no compromise philosophy” of this boat. For example, the fridge/freezer construction was created specifically for the Antares galley layout.

The fridge door moldings have provisions for insulation thickness and double gaskets to assure an airtight seal. Special attention is required for the fiberglass to adhere smoothly around the sharp corners required for these parts. The result is a custom fridge with better accessibility and use of space.