By placing the engines amidships beneath the floorboards and by having all the mechanical equipment in one location – in a compartment forward of the engine – we make accessing the engine and service area easy and convenient. There’s plenty of space for access to the fuel filter, water strainer and pumps.

The shaft drive allows us to place the engines amidships, focussing the center of gravity and reducing the pitching motion of the boat.

At Antares, we’re constantly improving the way we deal with noise produced by the engine and the drive train. In addition to the acoustic insulation (the silver lining pictured above), a sound deadening
compound inside the hull where the propeller is located helps to reduce the resonance of the propeller beneath the aft cabins.

We use a dripless face seal instead of a stuffing box. The shaft connects to a rotating stainless steel disc that’s friction fit to a self-aligning carbon-graphite face. This face connects to a rubber reinforced bellow that maintains the right amount of pressure, ensuring a perfect seal. Also, we install flexible couplings and mounts on the engines – which give a vibration cushion and protects the driveline from undue stress.