The trail of wire leads back to a stock distribution panel. Because we build our own harnesses in-house, the coils of wire are colour coordinated and follow both ABYC and CE standards for accurate and easy identification.

Dedicated circuits are installed for each unit, such as fresh water pumps, air conditioning, etc. This not only means fewer loads on the breakers, but it also makes the panel both versatile and easy to troubleshoot.

We pay attention to details and make sure all connections below the waterline are double-wall heat shrunk for extra protection. Chafe guard is used to prevent wear and tear from regular vibrations. The wires are also supported every 16 inches so there are no loose wires anywhere on the boat.

Our electrical system is immaculate – all the wires are labeled with numbers that coincide with reference sheets and drawings given to each of our owners. This attention to detail allows us to easily isolate and service any problems down the road.