The plans are transformed into a plug that’s constructed of wood, faired and finished. The plug is an exact replica of the finished boat and is used to cast the mold. The Antares hull is comprised of 3 molds – outside left hull, outside right hull, and the inside hulls and bridgedeck. The molds have an orange gel coat finish. By using a dark mold colour, we can ensure an even layer of gel-coat is applied when the required part is layed-up.
The finished mold is buffed, polished, and waxed with bee’s wax before the gel-coat is sprayed. Just as with the plug, the better the quality of the mold finish, the better the quality of the exterior on the Antares.
Gel-coat is a high performance marine resin with excellent durability that prevents blistering. This resin is applied over the mold to create the first layer. When the Antares is released from the mold, the gel-coat is what creates the glossy exterior surface.