The bulkheads are the first component to go into the completed hull. These structural components require high strength-to-weight ratios. While there are three primary bulkheads that provide structural integrity to the hull, there are also numerous others that are used throughout the hull.

The three major bulkheads are:

  1. Mast bulkhead: to support the mast & balance the stresses imposed by the rigging
  2. Companionway bulkhead: forms the division between the cockpit and the saloon
  3. Steering bulkhead: provides support across the stern and forms the watertight division between the aft cabins and the aft lockers

Foam core is layered on both sides with dry structural fiberglass. A plastic sheet is then placed over the assembly, sealed over the perimeter and connected to a suction hose. Resin is then poured through spigots and carefully distributed throughout the part.

By using the vacuum assisted injection method, we not only use less resin, we’re also ensuring that we get rid of any air bubbles that may cause de-lamination down the road. The materials used, combined with the resin injection process, result in a superior strength bulkhead that’s impervious to water.