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Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Annapolis Boat Show. We had a very successful show showcasing the Antares 44 GS. Everyone was very happy with the boat and we received many good remarks regarding our new design! Again, thank you from all of us at Antares team and we will see everyone again soon!


  1. Was very intent n the Balance 525. Now I am focused on your cat. Concerned about performance and speed. I enjoy sailing and don’t want a slug in the water. I am reading the 50 degrees apparent is about what the 44 GS will sail to effectively. You all did a real presentation at the Annapolis show.

    I am in the Wash DC area. My wife and I can travel to any place reasonable. Where would we be able to spend a few days on an Antares? Come to Argentina?

  2. Thank you very much to Beth and Memo for the tour of the new 44GS.
    I watched a video from Cruising Off Duty on Youtube.
    I love the changes with the new design.
    Muchisimas Gracias a todos que trabajan para 40 Grados Sur.
    Me Encanta su Barco. Saludos.

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