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We are glad to announce that we have transform our work lines to accommodate for 2 boats being built at the same time on each step of the process. This is a change that we have been working for some time to accommodate with the increased demand of the Antares 44i boats. The facilities of “40 Grados Sur” have accomplished this important step to improve production, as well as some enhancement that make the process more cost efficient overall.

Our parts department have also adjusted their stock to accommodate this new building methodology, providing everything is needed for this construction in tandem.

While delivery dates have not change yet, in the future we expect more flexibility and increase of the amount of boats we will be able to produce at the same time.

Anatares 44 twin production 

Now on our Finishing factory y we have side by side boat number 4455 and 4456 as it it’s shown in the picture.

The next 2 boats are now in our laminating Factory, what constitutes the intermediate part of the building process, and where most of the Fiberglass construction is performed.


The 2 following boats are also in the construction process inside of the molds. We now have a new primary production center where we produce fiberglass parts, furniture and other systems that are also now being built in pairs. As a result we have now 6 boats all in full production at the same time.

The executives at “40 grados Sur” are happy for this important milestone on the search for efficiency and improve production capacity.

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