The Antares 44 production has weathered the rocky shores of the boat business and now continues on its way with Memo Castro and his 40 Grados Sur yard staff taking the helm.

In 2008 40GS received a set of over seventy moulds that had been chopped up to fit in containers and sent to Argentina.  Along with the moulds, the yard was provided with drawings and specifications, but; all in a foreign language (English), using an odd measuring system (Imperial), and reliant on CAM (computer aided manufacturing).   All of this constituted a sort of DIY kit for Memo Castro and his guys to sort out and then re-commence production the Antares 44.  Despite the above and numerous other hardships with material supply and facilities, not only did they accomplish the onerous task of getting production up and running, they also introduced numerous improvements to the finished product along the way.

After more than eight years of work on this project, the yard now continues to build your best live aboard cruising catamaran sailboat.  Memo has always considered the boat to be constantly in development, despite its long legacy, and I know he will have some ideas to enhance the design still further.  Owner feedback, equipment and material advances, plus Memo’s own experiences will inevitably drive this process.

Antares 44 owners, pending owners, hopeful future owners, and just enthusiasts may all be gratified that the story carries on.  I expect to hear from you from time to time, as has been the case for many years now, and I will continue to do my best to answer your technical queries.  I have tried to convey the 44’s design rationale, (probably to exhaustion) on the web site which 40GS will continue to support.   I will also consult with Memo Castro and his staff to help stay the course as needed.

Ted Clements,

Piloting the Antares design since 1999

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