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As you may already know, the Antares exclusive MainTamer makes mainsail handling easy without compromising proper sail shape. The NEW mainsail management system offers improved ventilation and is significantly lighter than the previous version.

Antares MainTamer
The new lightweight MainTamer

The sail gathering system aboard the Antares is an add-on to the existing boom and cradles the full-battened main when it’s down. Because this boom continues to carry the various sail generated loads, we were able to keep the structural engineering requirements out of the equation and build a lightweight structure specifically geared to sail stowage requirements.

We initially calculated the stowed sail volumes to build a complementary shape into the top surface dish of the MainTamer to efficiently handle the sail folds as they flake down, then we trimmed the excess fiberglass to make it lighter.

Antares MainTamer
The mainsail cover is attached and tucked in the MainTamer while under sail

The lighter, open frame also allows for better ventilation for the mainsail when stowed and helps extend the life of your mainsail.

The designed-in provision for an integrated sail cover adds to the ease of use as the cover easily attaches on and off with webbing without an epic struggle.

Antares MainTamer
Even with the mainsail cover on, there is sufficient ventilation to allow airflow to the mainsail. The cover can be easily put on and off without an epic struggle.

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