BlogIdlewild yacht preparing to embark on its maiden voyage.

Idlewild yacht preparing to embark on its maiden voyage.

With Jon, Phoebe & Ryan and Diego, “Idlewild” departed today from Buenos Aires in his maiden trip of 4000 miles to Grenada. Over the past weeks, Jon has been living in his boat and with the support of the Boatyard he prepared his boat for a new life: to liveaboad. During this time we also had the opportunity to sail his boat in the Rio de la Plata with future owners that visit us to learn more about the boat and commissioning period. From the yard we want to say Thanks to Jon and wish him and his crew a safe trip and the best for his new life.
We will follow and we will support Jon in his trip as we do with all the other owners of PDQ´s and Antares around the world.
-Memo Castro

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