Building on a Legacy

Doing it Right the First Time Around

It is with great pride that we’re getting ready to launch hull number 62 in the Antares line. 

We have been building the Antares Catamaran here in Buenos Aires, Argentina for more than 11 years – bringing our unique skills and experience in building high-end performance yachts and applying it to the world’s best liveaboard.

While there have been many changes throughout the Antares history – from expanding from a 42- to 44-feet, the glass windshield and engine instrumentation, and the latest, extending the hardtop to incorporate more solar panels – the fundamentals of the boat have remained the same, affirming that the original design was done right the first time round.

First and foremost, the design philosophy was centered around the needs of the cruising couple: luxurious interiors, all the necessary comforts for long term living aboard, plenty of storage, and of course, central to the design rationale is that the boat should protect you.

Bowsprit for Antares 44 GS

Nothing was arbitrary when designing the Antares Catamaran. The design team established a certain criteria, namely:

  • Good performance under sail or power,
  • Comfort underway and at anchor,
  • Continuity and connection throughout the boat,
  • Primary safety through professionally engineered structures and manageable sail-handing by a cruising couple,
  • Secondary safety through watertight bulkheads, including fixed keels with a barrier between the hull and hollow keel to prevent any structural damage in case of impact.

In other words, the boat design is performance driven, seaworthy and aesthetically appealing. But perhaps the highest endorsement that we built the Antares right is the fact that more than half of Antares owners are currently on some form of world adventure, a testament to the type of product, people and owners we have cultivated.

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