We’re still processing the incredible reception we got at the Annapolis Boat Show and want to thank everyone who came on board to tour Antares 44GS Volare.

We loved hearing your feedback and comments, and yes, we do have a galley down, thanks for noticing! Taking the time to listen to your questions about livability, performance and safety helps reinforce some of the decisions we’ve made in building the Antares Catamaran.

We also want to thank the Antares owners who dropped by to say hi – measuring tapes in hand, of course – and want to sincerely thank owners John and Marina, and Maureen and Paul who gave their time to share real-life experiences of living and sailing aboard their Antares.

The boat show wouldn’t have been complete without a few visits from our favorite YouTube celebrities. Be sure to look for new videos from Nick and Terysa aboard Yacht Ruby Rose, as well as from Janice and Craig from Cruising Off Duty in the coming month.  We’re just as excited as you are to hear what they have to say.

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