A 3 Day Introduction to Your New Life

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With increasing number of sophisticated on-board systems, we make sure all new owners are fully equipped with the knowledge to operate their boats.

Antares University brings new owners together in a relaxed, social environment for an orientation session covering major components on the Antares 44i.

The Better you Know Your Boat, the Better the Experience

The objective of the program is to educate new owners on the Antares 44i to equip them with the knowledge they need to navigate their boat’s complex systems.

The on-board classes lead participants through the entire boat, opening each and every compartment and looking under all floorboards for a thorough orientation of the various components. Topics such as engine, generator and general maintenance are discussed at length.

Managing electrical load capacities on both the 12 Volt and 120 Volt systems is crucial for liveaboards. From understanding the role of the charge combiner to when to use the charger / inverter, participants learn about the electrical system using practical real-life scenarios.

With an understanding of the underlying principles of how and why the boat’s systems are designed, participants are introduced to boat handling and maneuvering under power with each new owners taking a hand at docking the Antares 44.

Sailing instruction to demonstrate the use of the Jib, Genoa and Screecher under various conditions as well as basics of Mainsail shape are introduced during the program.

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