Miss Jody preformed flawlessly the entire trip. Actually the entire passage from Thailand to Egypt exposed us to weather we had not seen before. The most dramatic being two days hove-to in 40 knots wind and 15-20ft seas. We covered 4700 miles in 2.5 months.

Fully Loaded for Cruising:

Miss Jody is loaded to the water line, almost. We worry and complain that she is overloaded but we continue on. She is a great boat and takes good care of us. 

Sail Combinations:

The self tending jib was removed and replaced with a 135% jib made of woven Spectra. This sail was installed before we departed Pensacola. It is bullet proof. We can reef it when we choose but the wind must be pushing 30knots before we reef this jib.

Our laminated Dacron/Mylar screecher allows us to sail hard on the wind up to 60 degrees and apparent wind up to 20 knots. The sail is also excellent for off wind when you don’t want to fool with a spinnaker.

We replaced the main sail with a 9oz Dacron. We are quick to reef the main. When we approach 20 knots apparent the first reef, the second when we exceed 25 knots.


The natural sailing performance of the boat is 5-9 knots, with apparent wind from 12 knots to 20 knots. Sea size and sea direction have a dramatic influence on performance.

Sailing close hauled, apparent wind 50 degrees in 12 knots true, the boat will do 6-8 knots in open sea. The speed will increase as the wind moves aft and as you increase sail area with the screecher.

When the apparent wind is 160 degrees aft or more, the main is in the way unless you move the head sail to windward on a pole.

When I fly the spinnaker, I normally drop the main unless the wind is light and well forward. We sail the spinnaker from a bridle rig attached from one hull to the other. Boat speed with apparent wind 170-150 degrees and apparent wind 15-18 knots is 8-10 knots.

When trying to make time into a head wind and sea, motor sailing is essential. This is one of the few applications for the self tending Jib. When using the 135 jib, I motor sail at 35-40 degrees apparent wind at 5-6 knots in 3-4ft sea.