Full Cockpit Enclosure

Full Cockpit Enclosure for Antares 44 GS

The elegant design of the full cockpit enclosure is integrated into the hardtop and deck, creating a protected helm position from all weather conditions. The enclosure is standard on the Antares 44 GS.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels for Antares 44 GS

Four 295-watt solar panels recessed into the hardtop are standard on the Antares 44 GS.


Antares 44 GS Helm

Only the Antares 44 GS offers a complete engine instrumentation panel at the helm and includes individual gauges for temperature, oil pressure, voltage and more.

Standard Glass Windshield

Standard Glass Windshield for Antares 44 GS

The Antares 44 GS is the first production catamaran built with a standard glass windshield and wipers. Standard on the Antares 44 GS.

Handling Your Mainsail

Handling the mainsail for Antares 44 GS

Antares makes handling your mainsail more efficient and easier to manage than by using the stack packs typically found on production catamarans. You have the option to purchase Selden’s push button electric furling mainsail. The in-mast furling mainsail is vertically battened.

Cruising Sails

Antares 44 GS Cruising Sails

The Antares 44 GS comes standard with high-performance cruising sails.


Bainbridge for Antares 44 GS

The heavy duty SuperTramp material supplied by Bainbridge, is made from vinyl-dipped polyester that is both mildew and UV resistant. The trampoline is mounted on tracks that run all the way around the frame with a lace section down the center and front.


Bowsprit for Antares 44 GS

The bowsprit on the Antares 44 GS supports the furling Screecher and puts the sail in better air by pushing it forward and away from the mainsail – giving you better downwind performance.

Bridle System

Bridle System for Antares 44 GS

The Antares bridle system is a tidy and efficient way to bridle your boat while at anchor. The integrated bridle system is bolted onto the bow of each hull and creates a lower angle of pull and a more secure hold while at anchor. Comes standard on the Antares 44 GS.

Opening Ports

Opening Ports for Antares 44 GS

The ten large opening ports – 8 are 24-inches wide – on the Antares 44 GS, give you plenty of ventilation, even on a rainy day. The ports, combined with the standard 8 overhead hatches fitted with Oceanair mosquito screens, keep the interior spaces light and airy.