Nothing was arbitrary when designing the Antares 44i sailing catamaran. A combination of often contradictory criteria were weighed and balanced to get the boat design that is performance driven, seaworthy and aesthetically appealing.

From start to finish, technology was a driving force behind building our boats. The power of this technology is phenomenal in its ability to develop shapes and configurations. With these systems, our designers could quickly and accurately perform weight distribution studies using intricate mathematical models that would otherwise take weeks to complete.

So how do you find a balance between performance racing hulls without sacrificing interior accommodations? You use a scale.

Ted Clements, Head of Design at Antares Yachts, calculated the weight of every imaginable item that might theoretically go on board – from the miles of wire and fuel tanks, to cutlery, books and ice cubes. By assigning a position to these items, he could predict how the boat was going to float with the particular hull shape.

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3D Modeling Design to development Coring & Layup

Hull Assembly Bulkheads Mast Loads

Secondary Bulkhead Rudder Assembly Engines Deck

Transom steps Wiring & Deck hardware Hardtop & Crossbeam

Electrical Interior finish Commisioning